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The Asian city is becoming more Asian.

Routledge Handbook of Asian Cities provides the most comprehensive examination of Asian cities—developed and developing, large and small—and their urban development.

Investigating the urban challenges and opportunities of cities from every nation in Asia, the Handbook engages not only the global cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, and Mumbai, but also less studied cities like Dili, Malé, Bandar Seri Begawan, Kabul, and Pyongyang. The Handbook discusses Asian cities in alignment to the United Nations’ New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals in order to contribute to global policy debates. In doing so, it critically reflects on the development trajectories of Asian cities and imagines an urban future, in Asia and the world, in the post-globalisation and post-pandemic era.

Presenting 43 chapters of original, insightful research, this book will be of interest to scholars, practitioners, students, and general readers in the fields of urban development, urban policy and planning, urban studies, and Asian studies.

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Book review in Planning Perspectives.

Figure 1.3 Conceptual framework.png

Conceptual framework for the Asian city

Figure 1.1 Urban Asia, 2020.png

Urban Asia

Figure 1.2 Urban Asia in the world, 2020.png

Urban Asia in the world

Listen to the Grimshaw podcast on Asia and the Urban Future—Richard Hu interviewed by Tim Williams, click below!

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