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Recipient of the Planning Institute of Australia (ACT) 2019 award for excellence in Cutting Edge Research and Teaching: Commendation


Crafting Innovative Places for Australia’s Knowledge Economy integrates planning, policy, economics, and urban design into an approach to crafting innovative places. Exploring new paradigms of innovative places under the framework of globalisation, urbanisation, and new technology, it argues against state-centric policies to innovation and focuses on how a globalized approach can shape innovative capacity and competitiveness. It notably situates the innovative place making paradigm in a broader context of globalisation, urbanisation, the knowledge economy and technological advancement, and employs an international perspective that includes a wide range of case studies from America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Developing a co-design and co-creation paradigm that integrates governments, the private sector and the community into shared understanding and collaborative action in crafting innovative places, it discusses place-based innovation in Australian context to inform policy making and planning, and to contribute to policy debates on programs of smart cities and communities. 

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Co-author Edward J. Blakely, Professor Emeritus of City & Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley

Crafting Innovative Places with Richard Hu

Figure 2.8.png

National science and innovation systems performances, Australia and OECD

Figure 8.2 Infographic.jpg

National domestic spending on R&D, US, China, Australia, and OECD, 2000–15

Figure 7.5.jpg

Growth in Australian 'sea change' coastal communities, 2006–11

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