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Redefining Migration in Global Cities: Insights from Sydney and Melbourne [book in progress]

This book, and the research behind it, has derived from a need to address several deficiencies in the current research and policy debates on global cities and migration. First, global cities and migration need to be organically integrated into a meaningful analytical framework to inform both research and policy in contemporary discourses of globalisation and urbanisation. Second, migration, as traditionally perceived and classified according to ethnicity, needs to be redefined as mobility to capture the new modes of people movement and articulate with global cities. Third, the local transformations in global cities, either as a contributory factor or as a resultant impact of the new migration in contemporary globalisation, need to be systematically examined towards an enhanced understanding and effective policy approach. For these purposes, this book aims: 


  • To inject migration into the understanding of global cities to bridge the two theses under contemporary globalisation; 

  • To redefine migration as mobility to capture the increasing intensity and complexity of people movement into and between global cities; and 

  • To dissect the local transformations in association with the interactive globality-mobility in global cities. 

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