Richard Hu

Richard Hu is an award-winning urban planner, and an educator and scholar. His work and interests—both intellectual and professional—integrate built environment, economy, and technology to address contemporary urban transformations and challenges, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

Hu is currently a professor at University of Canberra, Australia. Prior to academia, Hu was a practitioner and business manager, working on the planning, design, and management of mega urban development projects.


Hu is a registered planner with the Planning Institute of Australia (RPIA), and a certified planner with the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). He received five PIA awards of planning excellence (NSW and ACT divisions) and one national commendation.

Professor Richard Hu, RPIA AICP

Richard Hu received the Planning Institute of Australia (ACT) award for excellence in Technology and Digital Innovation, which was announced by the ACT Planning Minister Mr Mick Gentleman. 

'The judges commend the leadership set down in this smart design manifesto. Advancing new and innovative ideas in smart urbanism and addressing change head-on this work provides established practitioners and the next generation alike with a framework to consider new design approaches to address the dynamic disruptors reshaping our urban spaces.'

Richard Hu's book Smart Design

This book tackles the emerging smart urbanism to advance a new way of urban thinking and to explore a new design approach. It proposes a smart design manifesto to stimulate thought, trigger debate, and, hopefully, influence a new generation of urban thinkers and smart designers. It will be of interest to scholars, students, and practitioners in the fields of urban design, planning, architecture, urban development, and urban studies.

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Book Series: Routledge Research in Sustainable Planning and Development in Asia

Book Series Routledge Research in Sustainable Planning and Development in Asia

Rapid urbanisation and booming cities in Asia allude to the need for new urban planning and development theories to help examine the current phenomenon and foretell future trends. This timely book series provides insights on sustainable planning and development from across Asia. It looks at Asian cities and their best practices of building sustainable cities, regions, and communities. The book series also explores ways in which Asian cities address the wicked problems of climate change, social inequality, and ageing population, as well as how they capitalize on opportunities from disruptive technologies and innovation. More importantly, this series hopes to offer new directions for sustainable planning and development in uncertainties and changes. The interdisciplinary approaches to making cities and communities sustainable will make this series central to fostering knowledge ... Read more.

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New Titles in the Book Series